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10 x 10 challenge: Month 1 recap and new challenge added

10 x 10 challenge: Month 1 recap and new challenge added

January has come and gone faster then I would have wanted. Gamingwise it was a reasonably good month for me with 48 games played and 12 games I’ve played for the first time. These are pretty good numbers for me, as I usually strive to play a game a day one avarage.

It was also the first month of my 10 x 10 challenge. Let’s take a little look at the graph:

10 x 10 january

Status at the end of January

To be completely honest, I don’t think I’ve done too well in the first month. I’m very happy with my multiple plays of broom service and codenames (even though that one feels a bit like a copout and might still change). It’s a shame I didn’t get to play Mombasa this month as well as Battlelore and Arcadia quest. Even though February is a relatively short month, I have some gaming plans that should help me stay on target.

When selecting the list of games for the 10 x 10 challenge, I intentionally left some heavier, longer games off the list. During the month I started thinking I could really use an incentive to play some heavier games more frequently as well, so that’s why I’ve decided to up the ante a bit and constructed a second list:


This second challenge started on 1-2-2016, which means I will only have 11 months to play these 5 titles 5 times each. I’ve chosen the following games:


  1. The Dilluvia project: One of the spielworkxx releases from 2015. I’ve not had time to play this one yet, because I’ve been struggling with the rules. A playthrough video has helped solve this though, so I should be good to go.
  2. Scythe: It’s not even out yet and will only be released around august/september. I still think I’ll manage 5 plays pretty easily
  3. The Gallerist: My favorite designer did not have a space on the other list, so I’m doubling up here. The gallerist was my favorite game of 2015, so I hope I’ll be able to play some more this year.
  4. CO2: And the other Vital Lacerda title on the list. I really like the way this game feels and I think it will be well liked by most of my gaming group.
  5. Trickerion: This game is a huge table hog. I probably will only play with 4 people during the monthly game day due to space constraints. I love the theme and look of this game though, so I have high hopes.

On the 10 x 10 page, you’ll also be able to follow this challenge with a continuosly updated graph:

5x5 challenge start

Empty so far.

Take care guys and see you around.




Sjtollie’s 10 x 10 challenge

Sjtollie’s 10 x 10 challenge

With an ever expanding collection, it’s sometimes hard for me to get some games to the table more than a handfull of times. Over on Boardgamegeek a lot of people are having this same issue apparently, as for several years people are doing a so called “10 x 10 challenge”. This basically means they challenge themselves to play ten different games, ten times each.

I think this is a good initiative, so this year I would like to join in on the fun! I started thinking about games I really wanted to play ten times this year and started making a list. At first, the list contained a lot of really long and heavy games, but somehow this didn’t really felt achievable to me. That’s why I started on adding some diversity to the games for my list. This year, I’ve chosen the following games:


  1. Isle of skye: A quick game with a lot of replayability and some interesting choices. I don’t own it myself though, so I’ll probably purchase it.
  2. Arcadia Quest: I really want to complete the beyond the grave campaign at least once before Inferno arrives. I also plan on painting my set, but that’s a different story all together…..
  3. Codenames: A secret santa gift from this year. I’ve heard great things so I think this one will be an easy one to achieve. (might up the number along the way).
  4. Viticulture: I love this game so much! One of the most elegant designs out there. I’m sure I’ll find people to help me with completing this one, as it’s pretty popular at our games club.
  5. Broom service: This one is a bit more approachable. I hope to play this game with non-gamers. Somehow I always have a good time while playing this pretty light (but mean) game.
  6. Stronghold (2e): I did a lot of demo’s for this game at Essen last year. I love to explore it a bit more and get some plays in with some of my go-to 2 player buddies.
  7. Russian railroads: I hope this doesn’t make me sound like a snob, but we use this often as a warm-up on heavy euro nights. A lot of replayability, especially with the german railroads expansion.
  8. Mombasa: One of the surprises from last year. Not sure about the replayability though, but I have good faith.
  9. The voyages of Marco polo: Nice middle weight, but quick to play euro game. The random set-up and the different player powers make this game (almost) infinitely replayable. Especially if you add the mini expansion.
  10. Battlelore (2e): My favorite command and colors game. A lot of people in my gaming group own this and I really want to play it more. We’re scheduling a tournament soon, so I hope to get a lot of plays in then.


I plan on evaluating my progress after every month, so expect an update on this post next month. I keep track of this challenge in a simple graph, just so I have something visual next to the plays I log on BGG.10 x 10


Tell me what you think about my list, will I make it? Maybe you want to join in and comment with your own lists.

See you around next time,


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