About us

Boardgame blues is a blog about about gaming in general, but boardgaming in particular. It’s run by Danny Stoll, currently the only contributor to the site. I think it might be a good idea to introduce myself to my readers.

My name is Danny Stoll. I was born in march, 1986 and am happily married and the father of 3 beautiful boys. I’m really happy to see my sons growing up to be kind, helpful and responsible children. I’m also very happy that they seem equally interested in gaming as their old man. I’ve been a gamer for close to 25 years. I started with simple family games like monopoly and anything else that was available in my home of Roermond, the Netherlands. At age 10, I started getting into a cardgame some of you might have heard of before; Magic the Gathering. A friend of mine’s dad introduced both him and myself and soon I was hooked. For years, my allowance would go to my FLGS where I would buy packs of cards. In high school, magic took a bit of a backburner as my interest shifted to miniature wargaming. First Warhammer fantasy and 40K, but later I started getting into the privateer press games, Warmachine and mainly Hordes. Somewhere in between, I also got started into pen and paper roleplaying. Many weekends were spent with my head in the clouds and my sword at the ready. We played Dungeons and Dragons, Mutants and masterminds and many others.

When I started playing in tournaments (both Warmachine and Magic) and visiting conventions I slowly but surely got sucked into boardgaming. For the last 5 years, my main hobby has become boardgaming. The passion has grown so much that in 2014 we’ve founded a local gaming club: Spellenclub midden Limburg We have a monthly game day, open for everyone interested. We cater to children, casual gamers as well as the heavier gaming crowd with a collection of more then 500 titles. Since November 2017, I’ve also taken on a part-time job at a FLGS,  Het Hobbelpaardje, in Roermond

During any conventions held in Europe, I’m usually around demoing games or helping out publishers in any other ways necessary. I usually work for stronghold games, but have been doing the odd job for Quined games and Portal games as well.

I’ve started this blog mainly because I love gaming, I love talking about games and I love writing about games. People often ask me what I think of a game and I thought it would be easier to just write my thoughts down. After a qucik runthrough of the rules I give my opinion of the game. I usually pick out some key points I really like, and some I care less for. At the end I will give a final verdict, with a numerical rating out of a max of 10.

If you are interested in getting your game reviewed by us, feel free to contact us through the site. We will play a game several times at all possible player counts before posting a review, so our readers will get as complete of a view as possible. Please note that any review copies provided to us will never impact our views of the game.