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Gameday report: SML january meet-up

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Hey there guys,

on saturday 1-9-2016, SML had it’s monthly meet-up in Roermond, The Netherlands. I happened to take some pictures of the games that were being played, so I thought it might be a good idea to write a little bit about the day for Boardgameblues.

For the organisors, the day started with a few hickups. Due to unforseen sircumstances, we missed one of our ‘staff’ and one of us (myself) had to come a bit later than usual. We also had an alternative venue this month, due to the Carnaval season being in full swing. With these issues take care of, we were off to a slow start, but were happy to meet some new faces. When I got the message only 8 people were in attendance from start, I had to admit I started to feel a bit nervous. When I arrived a couple of hours later though, the room had started to fill up a bit. While wandering around I saw people playing a game of Zombicide with a ton of expansions thrown in. On another table, some people were setting up a game of Carcassone one of the attendees had brought along. She had a very nice, home made wooden chest with an awesome insert to store her many expansions. A true beauty to behold !gameday 2

(I hope I’ll be able to snap a couple of pics of her setup at the february game day as I failed on this part. You do see a bit of it in the back of this picture.

This time we were joined by an entire family as well, it was nice to see the kids games being played for a change. I managed to snap a picture of a game of boom boom balloon in progress, but during the event many others were played as well. gameday 3  One thing we are noticing (and are very glad about) is that for a couple of months the interest in star wars themed games has skyrocketed. Multiple people had their x-wing stuff along and 2 guys played nothing but Imperial assault the entire day.

gameday 4

During dinner time, we lost some of the players, but also gained some others, so we managed to have a constant flow of games being played. A nice thing to note was that even though the family of 4 left around dinner, the dad decided to come back to do some gaming himself afterwards. Awesome!


The evening brought along some lighter fair for most players. We enjoyed a couple of rounds of codenames and a group of us ended the night with a basic game of broom service. 20160109_211012_6ba

All in all it was a succesfull event, though we hope attendance will pick up once again as 2016 moves forward.

That’s it for now. If you’re ever in the are, be sure to drop by. We play every second saturday of the month from 2 to 10 PM.


List of games played (at least the ones I’ve witnessed)

  • Zombicide
  • Nexus ops
  • 7 wonders duel
  • carcassone
  • boom boom balloon
  • Tambuzi
  • Geisterwäldchen
  • Three little pigs
  • Diego Drachenzahn
  • codenames
  • imperial assault
  • broom service
  • lords of waterdeep
  • love letter


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