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10 x 10 challenge

This year, I’m trying to challenge myself to play games more often. I have to admit that I’m very much a cult of the new gamer, always looking out for the next big thing. I’ve realised that some of my favorite games are not being played enough and start gathering dust over the course of time. That’s why I’m doing a 10 X 10 challenge this year. I’ve reserved this page to keep my graph up to date and I’ll post a recap after every month.

10 x 10 15-2-2016

Status as of 15-2-2016

Next to the 10 x 10 challenge I’ve also started a 5 x 5 heavy duty challenge, with some heavier games. You can follow me along on this as well.

5x5 17-2-2016

Status as of 17-2-2016

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