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Raptor: 2 player brilliance in the Jurassic era

Raptor Designer: Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti Artist: Vincent Dutrait Publisher: Matagot Player count: 2 Play time: 25 minutes Mechanics: Action point allowance, hand management, simultaneous action selection. Mamma Raptor has escaped from her run and laid her eggs in the park. A team of scientists must neutralize her and capture the baby raptors before… Continue reading Raptor: 2 player brilliance in the Jurassic era


Elysium: Build your own Olympian legend

Elysium Designer: Matthew Dunstand, Brett J Gilbert Artist: Various Publisher: Space Cowboys Player count: 2-4 Play time: 60 minutes Mechanics: Set collection, drafting, Tableau building Mythic Greece. As an upstart demigod, you want to earn the favor of the Olympians and become a figure of legend yourself. Gather heroes and powerful artifacts, please the gods… Continue reading Elysium: Build your own Olympian legend


Champions of Midgard: Definitely not a LOW clone

Champions of Midgard Designer: Ole Steiness Artist: Victor Pérez Corbella Publisher: Grey Fox Games Player count: 2-4 Playtime: 60-90 minutes Mechanics: Worker placement, dice combat Champions of Midgard is a middleweight, Viking-themed, worker placement game with dice rolling in which players are leaders of Viking clans who have traveled to an embattled Viking harbor town… Continue reading Champions of Midgard: Definitely not a LOW clone

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Gameday report: SML january meet-up

Hey there guys, on saturday 1-9-2016, SML had it's monthly meet-up in Roermond, The Netherlands. I happened to take some pictures of the games that were being played, so I thought it might be a good idea to write a little bit about the day for Boardgameblues. For the organisors, the day started with a… Continue reading Gameday report: SML january meet-up

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First Impression: Blood rage

This post is a bit of an experiment. I'm not planning to do a full review for this game (as I've only played one game so far, but I just wanted to write down some thoughts in it. Please let me know if this is something you like to see more on this blog, or… Continue reading First Impression: Blood rage

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Board game blues top 10 boardgames of 2015!

another year has passed and for boardgaming, 2015 has been a great year.  There were a good amount of games that could have made the cut into this top 10 list and that's not even taking into acount the games that I didn't play yet. I will only list games that were released in 2015,… Continue reading Board game blues top 10 boardgames of 2015!


7 Wonders Duel: Cathala VS Bauza

7 Wonders Duel Designer: Antoine Bauza, Bruno Cathala Artist: Miguel Coimbra Punblisher: Repos productions, Rebel.PL, Asterion press Player count: 2 play time: 30 minutes Mechanics: Set collection, Card drafting. Overview: 7 wonders duel is the new 2 player game set in the massively succesfull 7 wonders series. Where the original game caters up to 7… Continue reading 7 Wonders Duel: Cathala VS Bauza